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It's spring and the outdoor concert season can begin, and the Clevelanders have some great options here to have a great option for you.

Forget a taste of another continent and forget the taste of each continent at Le Petit Triangle Cafe. There are different locations for brunch. Whether you're tasting baked goods in Luna or enjoying steaks at Urban Farmer, Cleveland's brunch scene is one of the nation's most stacked - right? Brunch is the place to be at Brewnuts in Cleveland Heights, a place to be at any time of day or night. The rotating donuts and flavors, as well as the variety of food, make this the place to start the day.

The Grog Shop in Coventry is a great place to find out about bands coming out and coming back, as well as emerging - and - upcoming bands. The Beachland Ballroom in Waterloo hosts local and national bands, and Jacobs Pavilion is located in Cain Park Heights, which offers a picturesque spot for smaller acts. Edgewater Park hosts a beautiful, well-maintained section of the Flats that hosts some of Cleveland's most scenic trails. Whether you want to hike, hike in nature or just crawl to the banks of a bank in Banks Flat, you can cross Cuyahoga by Metroparks - water taxi. And don't forget the free concert series all summer: the Cleveland Heights Music Festival.

Stay at 100-year-old Rowley's Inn for a night of beer, food, music and great views of Cleveland Heights. Lakewood, Ohio's CityArcade board game, is back for another year when it's paired with a beer! The first self-proclaimed "nerd bar" in Cuyahoga County offers great fun - themed evenings with live music and great food.

The cleverly named restaurant, now open in Tremont, offers guests the chance to enjoy a latte. This cat café comes to the country and, provided you reserve a time slot, play with the CLE cats. Not to mention the exploding cast of characters from the popular Cleveland Heights film series. There's even a weeping Haserot Angel visit to Lakeview Cemetery, which comes at a small cost.

If you want a real Eastern European experience, you should visit the cultural centre in the church cellar. The Duck Island Club is a great place to leave the old school and end the night with a shot or beer. You can visit Disney - like Margaritaville - or go for the more casual twist for infectious fun beats. Venues like Velvet Dog and FWD have a traditional clubby feel, but they do an admirable job. In the immediate vicinity is the nationally acclaimed cocktail bar and within walking distance is the classic bar and restaurant with its cocktail menu.

The Cleveland Museum of Art, recently ranked as one of the best in America, is also a pretty cool place to celebrate. The studio, which describes itself as the largest art complex in the region, is open to the public every third Friday of the month and offers special events. If you want to see the art, but also dance in the breathtaking Ames Atrium, you should check out the monthly MIX parties.

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But most outsiders don't know what Cleveland really rocks, and we're not talking about some overpriced museum. Whatever the season, we guarantee that something great is going on in Cleveland, and you'll find out the facts about it in the end, while pointing out why we never seem to know what's going on. We guarantee that, whatever time - of the year - we are guaranteed, something great will happen in Cleveland, despite the fact that we will end up hearing the facts about it, while comments about "how it happened that they never knew what was going on" are heard.

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