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Cleveland Heights, just outside Cleveland near University Circle, is home to many of the most popular restaurants, bars and shops. It is also the place to enjoy great views of the Cleveland skyline, the Ohio State University campus and many other attractions. The area around the university is home to some of Ohio's best shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Block parties are common in the Cleveland Heights area, and Heights Heritage Home and Garden Tour highlights exceptional properties in and around the city. Check out nearby restaurants and amenities, read the crime map, read what the locals say about Cleveland Height, see stories, visit the history and culture of the neighborhood, and the local food and drink scene. Residents of the high altitudes of Cleveland have access to a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and entertainment.

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Single-family homes are the most common form of housing in Cleveland Heights, accounting for more than a third of all units in the city's housing market. Three and four-bedroom apartments , which are mainly found in detached houses and apartments, are more common than two- and half-bedrooms and three- or four-room apartments.

Also measured by Ohio State, the rental rate of 808 in Cleveland Heights is 19.4% higher, useful for understanding affordable housing funds and provides a frequency distribution of home prices in the area. The area shows the number of people who own a home in and around Cleveland-Heights subway station, as well as the median price per square foot and the percentage of homes with mortgages. No mortgage (13%) above the national average of 9.5% for the city of Cleveland, and it is presented as a median owner's cost of $1,209, which was in the midrange with other local locations. Cleveland Height, Ohio has a higher median price than most surrounding areas and a lower median mortgage rate than many other Ohio cities and counties. This area is also represented in the top 10% of US metro areas for median household income, with the highest median price for homeowners ($2,943) and median for owners, both above the median for other places.

Here are a number of other interesting data points for Cleveland Heights, Ohio, as well as other cities and counties in Ohio.

There is a lot of interest in the data from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and this is the result of a survey of the area. There are a number of interesting data points for the city and county of Cleveland, as well as other Ohio cities and counties, so take a look! On average, there are 1.5 million square feet of residential property per square foot, more than double the national average.

The annual crime rate in the city is 1,794 incidents, which is roughly the same as the number of people living here. Cleveland Heights has a residential density of 2701.6, slightly higher than the national average of 2600.0, but not as high as Oakland, CA. Adjusted for population, the median household income of Oakland residents is $60,000 a year, or about $2,500 more than what you could live in Cleveland Height. Cleveland is about twice the US average (2,471).

Ohio's highest sales tax rate is 8%, combined with the state sales tax. The only major city above East Cleveland (29%) shows the property taxes that homeowners in the region pay.

The region is illustrated by the total number of units occupied by owners. Cleveland Heights has a 44.7% retirement rate, slightly above the national average of 43.5%. It shows that it has a mortgage rate of $21,000 per month, the highest of any city in the region, and is the second highest in Ohio, behind East Cleveland ($23,500). Cleveland Height shows that it has a "tenant" share (44%) of units, which is well below the average of all Ohio cities (46.2%). It is the third highest city after Cleveland and Akron (47.6%) and Cleveland, Ohio (45.8%), and the fourth highest for the entire region (

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